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Wet Rooms


Wetrooms are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to a bath or traditional shower unit in bathrooms these days – particularly is the U.K and U.S. Wet rooms incorporate a showering facility but instead of having to ‘step into’ the shower, it is built in on the same level as the floor, almost like there is no shower tray at all.

Floor To Ceiling Tiling

A wet room is pretty much as the name suggests – it will be waterproof from floor to ceiling, most likely with tiles, and gives the illusion that the room itself is indeed the shower. Of course, there will still be a toilet and sink if needed, but instead of the shower tray, the floor will be ever so slightly sloped, so as not to flood the whole room.

wetroomsThe process of waterproofing your wet room is also known as ‘tanking’. It is a procedure which protects the room against mould, moisture and leaks. Somewhere within the sloped ‘floor’ of the shower will be a drain to take the water away and prevent flooding.

Be Aware Of Potential Problems

Despite the general belief, it is still possible for damage to be done to your wet room. The floor will be tiled, however moisture can still penetrate the permeable grouts and adhesives, causing rot and mould growth. Keep an eye out and catch any potential damage early and you should be okay.

Key Elements of Your Wetroom

Some of the key elements found in wet rooms are:
• Correct wet room flooring and wet room shower drain.
• Correct wet room flooring – sloping towards the Shower Drain.
• Effective Water proofing / tanking.
• Sufficient Ventilation.

Wetroom Benefits

There are many benefits of having a wet room, not only does it give a sense of luxury, but the layout will also help to open up your bathroom, so is particularly beneficial to those of the smaller size. For a modern look, wet rooms are perfect, and they are also compatible with under-floor heating systems, meaning you can have style and warm feet!
Some other advantages wet rooms have over shower trays is that they can be created to stand in a space which may not have been large enough or the correct size for a shower tray, again making them perfect for smaller bathrooms. The flooring underneath the tiles can also be flexible, with wood working just as well as concrete, and there is no rule as to how big or small your wet room shower has to be – it just depends on the size of the room!


The “Wow Factor”!

With any wet room you can expect the ‘wow factor’, and be proud to have a bathroom which feels more like a 5* hotel room than anything else. It is also a great facility to have if you are slightly immobile, as there is no climbing in or out of the bath and no risk of tripping up in the shower as the floor remains flat.

Tell Us What You Think About Wetrooms

Let us know your thoughts on wetrooms, would you like a wetroom in your house or a wet area in your bathroom? As I said, they definitely give a “wow factor” especially when you first see a wetroom. They say bathrooms and kitenchs sell houses, can a wet area help add value to your property? Please feel free to add your comments below – thanks.

How To Clean A Wetroom

How To Clean A Wetroom

There are pros and cons here, one of the advantages is the fact that they are easier to clean than the more traditional bathrooms because they don’t have corners or nooks and crannies. The downside is because they get wet more often they need to be cleaned more frequently or at the very least to be wiped every time you shower. That in itself does not necessarily make a wet room good idea with small children, on the plus side all the children can be in the bathroom together. Often black tiles are used to accentuate the clean lines of a wet room but they do have a downside and the fact is the lime scale leaves a streak and they will need to be cleaned every time you use the bathroom.

Clean Quickly After Use

how to clean a wetroom

Whether your showers has fiberglass walls or glass, keeping it spotlessly clean is vital – not only are tiles or glass covered in watermarks and soap residue unsightly, accumulated dirt is also a health risk. Warmth and moisture, inevitable in a bathroom shower, creates an environment perfect for bacteria, mold and mildew. Fungi also like the climate – imagine the embarrassment if an overnight guest should notice mushrooms growing in corner areas of your shower! Make sure that the whole area is wiped down and dried after each use. This will help to minimize accumulation of dirt and moisture.

However, in order to keep the area perfectly clean and healthy, it needs to be scrubbed down regularly, using a powdered cleanser (liquid cleansers are very efficient, but a powder is better for removing residues, especially if they have been allowed to dry on), applied to either a textured sponge or a brush – make sure you use the right sort of sponge/ brush. A sponge meant for scrubbing pots and pans, or a brush with bristles that are too short or not dense enough may leave scratches on your surfaces.

Cleansing Powder is More Effective

Start by wetting the interior of your walk in shower enclosure with hot water. Pour enough of your cleansing powder onto the brush/ sponge to create a lather as you begin scrubbing. Working from the top down, scrub the whole of the walk in shower enclosures thoroughly, paying particular attention to edges, corners and other areas which are hard to reach, as these are the areas where mould and mildew are most likely to start spreading from!

Rinse Well

how to clean a wetroom

When you have finished scrubbing, wash the soap off with warm water and the surfaces with a fresh, dry utility towel. Many room decorating ideas suggest walk in showers with glass shower doors. Minimize residues and moisture build up by drying them after each use and give them a regular thorough cleansing following the manufacturers instructions.

How To Clean Your Wet Room

How To Clean Your Wet Room

Since putting this site up we’ve had a lot of questions about how to clean your wetroom, so we thought we’d make a quick video to help…here it is. Please feel free to leave your comments below with any cleaning tips and advice you might have too.